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The fastest way to reach us is to fill out the form below. Please see the FAQ to your right to determine which department you should reach out to.  We’re looking for partners to share our passion across the coast and beyond. If you’re interested in carrying our beverages, we’d love to hear from you.

Our brewery is currently closed to the public.


Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out the adjacent form and one of our overly enthusiastic kombucha ambassadors will reach out!

Sounds like you are a rad non-profit or an entity of positive change and we wanna help you! Fill out the adjacent form and the kombucha mother herself will respond faster than you can say SCOBY.

Our Classic line of Kombucha is non-alcoholic however it does contain trace amounts of alcohol (less than 0.5% ABV) produced during fermentation. Our Hard Kombucha line is alcoholic and ranges from 5% to 6% ABV.

We would love to make a recommendation but we are not licensed to do so. Please consult your doctor and if you decide kombucha is right for you or a loved one remember that your body knows what’s best so listen to it!