Why Whalebird Kombucha on tap is the perfect beverage to drink all day at your office

Postprandial somnolence, or “the Itis”, is the state of low energy as a result of the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system in response to the presence of mass in the gastrointestinal tract. Put simply, it’s a food coma. The drowsiness you feel after a large meal isn’t in your head; it’s a physiological response. In less productivity driven cultures this phenomenon is addressed in a variety of ways e.g. the all-too-necessary post-meal siesta. Unfortunately, this practice isn’t as readily accepted in the American workplace, necessitating alternative means to overcome this hurdle.

Picture the scene: It’s midday and you’re sitting at your desk. Lunch is coming to an end and the various members of your office begin to make their way back to their stations. Their bellies full, lethargy begins to set in and the last half of the day looks bleak. You want to help your employees feel their best and achieve their full potential in the face of physical and mental deterioration, but what can you do? The dedicated researchers at Whalebird have a solution: a strong serving of the fermented, lightly effervescent, black or green tea commonly known as kombucha.

If you’re reading this you’re probably already comfortable with the concept, but you may not have a full understanding of the overwhelming benefits of this light, bubbly beverage. The moderate level of caffeine present in the base tea is transferred to the finished product, providing energy and heightened focus without the inevitable crash/cognitive impairments associated with libations containing higher levels of caffeine and sugar. Additionally, kombucha contains a variety of organic components that aren’t present in basic tea preparation as a result of the extensive fermentation process necessary to make the drink. B-vitamins, vitamin-C, glucuronic acid, glycerol, and lactic acid, useful organic molecules integral to metabolism and energy production in the body, neurotransmitter development, tissue repair, heart, eye, and skin support, as well as added antioxidant properties, all come to light in the kombucha making process.

Getting down to brass tacks, office kombucha bars are simple, straightforward, environmentally feasible and seeing huge growth within the food and drink industry. Additionally, the kombucha bar can be adjusted to fit any building size and any business needs. From a full-blown multi-tap delivery system, all the way down to a compact kegerator no bigger than your average water cooler, Whalebird can design a system to suit your needs. Best of all, once the heavy lifting is done, upkeep is nearly automatic. Apart from the occasional wipe down, there’s almost no work necessary on the part of the business owner/office manager. With automated keg deliveries shipped out weekly, and a team of Whalebird and Joyride draft techs able to troubleshoot any and all issues only a phone call away, a newly installed kombucha tap can provide an endless amount of the healthy, delicious beverage while blending seamlessly into the workplace and requiring minimal attention.

The more environmentally aware office manager will also be able to rest easy at night, as the stainless steel kegs used to transport this drink of kings, as well as the glass growlers used imbibe the bubbling goodness are 100% reusable. Paper and plastic waste can be heavily reduced with office kombucha bars, in some cases up to 85 pounds per person per year. Meaning, an office of 25 people would cut down on more than 2000 pounds of plastic waste per year by installing just a single kombucha tap. Not too shabby for some fermented tea.

So when the day seems to be drawing on and the collective energy in the office is lower than low, where can you turn? We hope you’ll turn to us, Whalebird Kombucha, for that midday pick-me-up, liquid siesta. Tasty, healthy, cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, and incredibly easy to set up, an in-office kombucha bar may be just the answer you need for increasing the overall health and productivity of your team Do it for you, do it for your people. WHALEBIRD


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